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Our Story

WTDWYB or what to do when your bored was created out of boredom. Go figure. I was working a full time crappy job, bored out of my mind surfing the net. So I decided to put together this little resource to help point you in the direction of fun. Whether through links, games, or funny pictures. I have something that will help you figure out what to do when your bored.

Who Am I?

My name is Khando. I pretty much live off of coffee, internet, and Rick & Morty. Not necessarily in that order.


We all live a depraved, butter-passing, meaningless existence.

Your Next Steps…

  • Hit the bored com button for random games and cool sites.
  • Start surfing these links for something cool to see.
  • Scroll through my incoherent, once a week ramblings, and internet findings (On the right column). I update them every Sunday.